for Epiphany 2016: Coloring the Psalms

After the busyness of the Christmas season, Epiphany comes as a breath of fresh air.  Winter continues, and we have a little time to breathe before Lent and Easter make our church lives busy again.  One of the increasingly popular ways to breathe, relax, meditate, and process is adult coloring books — intricately designed black-and-white images that invite the reader to engage and enjoy.  By combining the new imagery of meditative coloring with the traditional words of the psalmists, we create space to engage with the psalms of the lectionary time between Epiphany and Lent.

The following are hand-drawn images suitable for printing.  Each highlights a verse from the psalm for the day.  These meditative coloring images offer a chance to engage with the words of the psalmists and with lectionary texts we may not normally notice.

Date Psalm Reading
1/10/2016 Psalm 29
1/17/2016 Psalm 36:5-10
1/24/2016 Psalm 19
1/31/2016 Psalm 71:1-6

Psalm 29 Voice of the Lord  Psalm 36 Steadfast ovePsalm 19 Creation RestPsalm 71 Strong Fortress

Downloadable PDF

Make sure your sanctuary is stocked with coloring tools:  crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.  Quiet bags (if you have them) are a great place to start, but many youth and adults don’t normally grab them.  You may want to bundle 4-6 colored pencils in a rubber band and leave a pack in each pew to encourage more coloring.

If you use this idea, please snap photos of the results and post them in the comments or email to !


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